And The Winner Is…

If you take a look at the résumé of 17-year-old Amanda Norman, you may ask yourself how does she manage to hold leadership positions in her many extracurricular activities and community service organizations, while still maintaining a 3.93 unweighted grade point average?

“By prioritizing and managing my time wisely,” said the graduating student from Miami Carol City Senior High.

South Florida ABA Book Scholarship winner Amanda Norman with her mom, Carla. Amanda is ranked #2 in her graduating class of 437 from Miami Carol City HS. She plans to major in Finance and will begin at UF in Summer B.

How she does manage it is part of the reason why Amanda was chosen as the first recipient of the South Florida ABA Book Scholarship. On a Friday afternoon at her high school, Amanda and her mom met with members of the local chapter to talk about what receiving the award meant to her and why UF was the right decision.

“I’m just excited to be a future Gator and I’m thankful to have won this scholarship,” said Amanda, who plans to major in Finance and will begin at UF during Summer B.

The $250 award was donated by the UF Association of Black Alumni and the UF Bookstore. In addition to the scholarship application, students had to submit a résumé as well as a personal statement that answered: How do you plan to get involved at the University of Florida to have a positive impact on the black community?

Twenty students applied. But, Amanda’s credentials, along with her explanation of how involvement in Student Government Association and Black Student Union will be her way of positively impacting the black community, was enough to impress the judges.

“We want to get the students thinking ahead about the role they will play at UF,” said Kirphton Fray, Assistant Regional Director of South Florida ABA.

Amanda was presented the South Florida ABA Book Scholarship award on May 31st at her school. She won several other scholarships including the UF Alliance Scholarship.

Amanda made the decision to join the Gator Nation® although she was accepted to several universities throughout the country.

“I chose UF because we have the [Partner School Alliance] with Miami Carol City. Also, it’s just a great and diverse school,” Amanda explained.

The whole time, Amanda’s mom, Carla, looked on with a smile on her face and pride in her eyes.

“I heard a lot about UF and I know it’s not easy to get in,” Carla said. “I heard it was only 17 students [from Miami Carol City] who got in, so I was grateful and so happy!”

She continued, “Amanda will be the first one to graduate [from college] in our whole family. I’m really honored by that. This will be big for the entire family.”


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