Job Searching in 2012? Use Your Resources

Quick question: How many of you made a New Year’s resolution that centered around some type of career goal?

“I’m going to start my own business.” “I’m going to make more money.” “I’m going to move where the jobs are.” “That internship is mine!” Sound familiar? It seems like people are more career-focused than ever.

As Gators gear up for another Career Showcase, we thought now would be a good time to highlight some job tips for 2012. Hopefully, following this advice will put you that much closer to reaching your goals.

1. Take advantage of your university. As a current student or Gator Grad, you have access to such a variety of resources, including the UF Alumni Association and the UF Career Resource Center.

Your UF Alumni Association has nearly 350,000 members! It’s not just a saying that “The Gator Nation is everywhere,” it’s reality. There are UFAA members in every state and in more than 100 foreign countries.  Do a little research to find the Gators in your neighborhood. Attend alumni events, which is an easy way to match names with faces, and possibly, be pointed in a direction that can assist your career moves. You’ll never know until you try.

The Career Resource Center has just about everything a job/internship seeker can ask for. List of hiring companies, check. Résumé help, check. Workshops, check. That’s just to name a few. Not to mention, a career showcase held twice a year where hundreds of companies attend to specifically talk to Gators.

CRC Assistant Director of Employee Development, Nadene Reynolds, offered this career advice and explained how the CRC can help Gators looking to land a job.

2. Make sure you’re visible…in a professional way. According to, “Social networking platforms are the pre-interview, pre-hire tools that will get you noticed by more people most effectively and efficiently.” So that means once you send in a job application, hiring managers have already put your name in a Google search. If you haven’t adjusted the privacy settings on your social networks, what will they find?

Just as bad as unflattering results, are no results at all. In an age where companies are looking to build their online presence, so do their employees. Check the websites of companies you like. Chances are you’ll see those Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn icons on there. Those are accounts that you should have, too. Join their networks so you can stay up to date with company info (And the info serves as good talking points in the interview).

3. Have your cover letter/résumé ready to go. In the MSN Careers article, “Résumés in 2012: What’s old, what’s new?” writer Justin Thompson offers tips like don’t forget the tailored cover letter; use keywords from the job posting in the cover letter and résumé; and try standing out with a visual résumé.

What other tips do you have?

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