Volunteers Wanted – Scholarship Fundraising

Afternoon Gators!

If you missed our meeting early this month then you missed our discussion about a great fundraising opportunity we have come across. This opportunity  gives us the potential to make $800+ in just one day! Proceeds from this opportunity would be used as scholarship funds for a current and/or future Gator (p.s. we met some great students at the recent college fair who have already committed to attending UF).

For this scholarship fundraising opportunity we would be teaming with Levy Restaurants at Marlins Park and running a concession stand during a game (don’t worry there is no major food/cooking involved).  As mentioned before working 1 game gives us the potential to make $800+ which we can then give as scholarship money to a South Florida Gator student.

There are about 80+ games for us to choose from to work. We need a minimum of 16 volunteers to commit to working 3 games (season runs from March 31 – Sep. 25). Below is the game day schedule. Shaded games are ones that take place on the weekend, and starred games are the early weekend games which are probably preferable.

Interested persons please email us at ufaba.sofla@gmail.com. Be sure to include potential game days that you think would work. I think potentially June 21 or 28, August 2, & Sept 1 (Labor Day) would be great games to work but those participating can come to an agreement about game days.

The sooner we can begin this process, the sooner we can provide scholarship money to Gator students in need!

Go Gators!

Marlins Game Schedule0001Marlins Game Schedule0002


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